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The food bank currently has two programs for aiding those in need of assistance; a senior food program and a general distribution program.

  • Our Senior Food Program in conjunction with the U.S.D.A. distributes 30 pounds of food geared to the nutritional needs for seniors. This particular program requires filling out a form and submitting for verification requirements set forth by the government.  If accepted and an opening is available one can begin receiving food immediately. If there is not an opening you are placed on a waiting list until an opening occurs.  Food for this program is distributed the first Wednesday of each month between 11 am and noon unless otherwise directed.
  • Our General Distribution Program requires each family to register with the food bank. For registration you need photo ID and proof of your current physical residence such as a rent receipt or utility bill.  There is a form to fill out that will require listing of each individual living in the household with full names and birthdates. You will then receive a card that you need to bring back each time you use the food bank in addition you must also bring your photo ID.  Each family once registered will receive once a month a full allotment of food.  For second, third, fourth or additional times you return to the food bank for assistance you will receive a lesser amount based on what is currently available.

Families without documentation will receive some food designated for those without the necessary documents and directed to return the following day the food bank is open to receive their card and receive the full allotment allowed for the month.
Currently the food bank hours for distribution are Tuesday and Thursday 1-3.